About Chloe

Believe in yourself and what you do. Think positive and block out the negative as only you can create your reality. I love to inspire and help others, which is why I am happy you have come to my blog. I see myself as a positive person and have been learning through experience how the law of attraction affects your day to day life and work- think positive and positive will happen. Life can be hard, but i believe everything happens for a reason. Don’t let others stop your dreams from happening…

Who am I? Well I don’t like talking about myself too much but as you asked (!) – I’m Chloe, I am passionate about nutrition, health and fitness. I’m currently studying part time be a Nutritional Therapist at The Health Science Academy and I’m a full time fashion model with a leading London agency – D1 Model Management. I also own my own business as part of a huge life changing (quite literally) health product company which has a mission to inspire healthy living around the world.

Life doesn’t go according to plan. I’m learning that, having started out at university studying a clinical degree I thought I had it all planned! But look at me now, I leff in my second year, got scouted, became a full time model and have landed in the health and fitness industry as well! And I love it! I’m still helping others which is what i loved about speech therapy but now i am a doing it through something i love.

What’s my blog about? Every week i will be posting..

– A delicious healthy recipe
– A post on a current nutrition, health or fitness topic
-A post to inspire you!

Please feel free to comment on any posts and tweet me any suggestions for recipes or topics of interest you want to know more about.

Check out the Recommended Sites tab for my favourite Health, Nutrition and Recipe websites.

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