List of High Protein Foods & their RDA

This link has a fantastic table of high protein foods with their protein content and RDA!!

“Why should you care which foods are high protein foods? Protein is the most basic building block of all the tissues in the body. Still don’t think that’s important? Do you want shiny luxurious hair or smooth skin or strong bones and muscles? It isn’t going to happen unless you supply your body with the basic materials it needs to make and repair those things. You guessed it; protein is where all those building materials are found.

In addition to growth and repair of the body protein plays a key role in the production of enzymes, digestion, and proper immune function.

Just because most of us equate protein with animal products does not mean that they are the only source. Vegetarians know that protein is important, and they eat plenty of it, just not from meat products. Below is a list of foods high in protein, many from sources friendly to a meat free palate.

How much is enough?

The US RDA amounts for protein varies greatly depending on gender and age. The recommended amount for adults is between 46 and 60 grams each day. Below is a list of high protein foods to guide you in getting enough protein in your diet.”

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