Healthy yet delicious Snacks to help curb your cravings!

For those who have a sweet tooth…

– A small bowl of blueberries with a small dollop of low fat Greek yoghurt with a tsp of agave nectar poured on top. And if you fancy – a sprinkle of cinnamon .
-Half a bag (depending on size) of fruit/seed/nut mix
– 2tbsp mixed dried fruit- eat like sweets šŸ˜‰
– A handful of grapes & some almonds- this lowers the GI and will prevent a sugar rush.

For those who love their chocolate..

– 2-3 squares of organic dark chocolate, go for a high % of cocoa-75% or more
– Organic no sugar Greek style yoghurt with 0.5 tsp of pure cocoa powder
-6-7 chocolate coated peanuts with 4-5 almonds
-4-5 nuts with 6-7 chocolate coated raisins.
-1/2 a cocoa orange NĆ£ked bar (waitrose, sainsburys)

For those who love their dairy..

– A small bowl of stewed apples with a small dollop of cream (better still- low fat fromage frais)
– Low fat natural yogurt – check label that sugar is not the top three ingredients
– A medium glass of banana milk – either skimmed, or unsweetened soya , with a sprinkle of cinnamonĀ 
– Cheese on ryvita: cream, cottage, cheddar or goats (go for low fat if possible).

Snacks for salt cravers…

– low fat, low salt crisps : 1/2 mid morning, other 1/2 afternoon
– A handful of edamame beans sprinkled with a little saltĀ 
– 2 oatcakes with marmite scraped to taste
– A boiled egg with sea salt or rock saltĀ 
– 4 Chinese style rice cakes (brown rice style with soy sauce variety- check sugar content is not too high as well).



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