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Happy to gain weight!

I am so happy – i weighed myself yesterday for first time since i started my weight gaining/healthy eating/gluten free diet which was back in April- when i saw the nutritionist.

I have gained 8KG (about 17lbs)!!!!!

I am so happy as this has not been all fat, it has been muscle as well.

  • I have not eaten any ‘junk’ food or processed ‘rubbish’ (sorry but it is!) .
  • I have been to the gym EVERYDAY (well nearly, excluding illness and photoshoots/catwalk shows). Sometimes twice – once for cardio and again later for strength training.
  • I have increased portion sizes, I decreased my cardio for one month (its now normal again), and increased healthy fats – eg, avocados, salmon, all nuts, organic nut butter, seeds.
  • Gluten and wheat free products are also higher in calories and fat anyway (eg. a lice of bread has twice the amount of fat and sugar compared to standard slice of bread, like Hovis or Kingsmill).

Now for my next challenge….finding the balance!

i have been eating well over what i need each day – which has shown on my body and the scales. So i now i would like to ‘settle’ at this weight which basically means taking each days as it comes– if i start losing weight again i know i need to increase my food. And if i keep gaining weight i will decrease my portion sizes and increase exercise. I will not be going back to any low fat products though- i now know what damage they have done to my body.


Cheesy Tuna & Potato Frittata

You are in a rush but need a quick healthy meal? The Fritatta is for you! You can make so many different Fritatta’s -from vegetable, cheese, ham, salmon, tomato and cheese, ….the list goes on!

The word “frittata,” which derives from the Italian verb “friggere,” or “to fry,” connotes the simplicity and pleasures of cucina povera—the “humble cuisine” that most of us innately love. Egg is the main ingredient. With its high protein and mineral content, easy availability and low cost, eggs are an essential part of the diet almost everywhere in the world.

What is the difference between a Fritatta and an omelette? – click the paragraph above to find out!

As long as you have eggs and milk in the kitchen (and who doesn’t?!) you have the base of the recipe.

You can have some carbohydrates with it by making it with potatoes or even noodles! Click here  for some great recipes for inspiration… 

here is my recipe!


1 potato (sweet or jersey)

Tin of tuna

Frozen vegetables (70g)


5 tablespoons milk

2 eggs

Grated cheese (cheddar or parmesan, amount depends on you)


To make this a G-free, D-free recipe, use rice/soy/almond milk and ‘Sheesh’ or Lactose free cheese (if you can tolerate)



  1. Drain Tuna
  2. Beat 2 eggs (or egg whites) with milk, salt & pepper and a handful of grated cheese
  3. Cook (microwave or hob) frozen vegetables
  4. Boil potatoes until tender
  5. Drain and slice potatoes
  6.  Oil a baking dish or pan
  7. Place sliced potatoes across bottom of dish or pan
  8. Scatter over the cooked vegetables
  9. Poor over the egg/milk/cheese mixture
  10. Place in pre-heated oven or on hob and let cook for 10mins
  11. Sprinkle some more cheese on top and let cook for another 10 mins – time depends on hob or oven and what temperature.Image