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Letting go of the ‘diet rules’

Nobody should be following a ‘weight loss diet’ (this excludes diets made for medical reasons).

Im talking about the ones you see everyday in advertising, media and magazines. They do NOT work. How do you think they all thrive and do so well? – Because they don’t work; people come off them abd gain weight and then have to come back for more.

My advice – LET GO. Let go of the voice of society that tells you what to do. Admittedly you will gain a few pounds at first but i promise it will settle after 6 months or so. And you will never have tp ‘diet’ again! Think of the mental energy spent of diet programmes you could save, and the time and money!

When breaking free from a diet it can be overwhelming with the amount of food you are now ‘allowed’ to eat.
You now have to trust the wisdom of your body.

Years of dieting and listening to someone else’s voice – ie the media- means we naturally believe someone else always knows better. If we listen we will get the body they tell us we want.


The picture of that (airbrushed) model in the magazine/diet book/poster – if we follow ‘this diet’ we will look like that. You eat unpalatable food because it will give you a body that the media tells you is ‘correct/right’ – slender and trim.

We loose touch with our own voice, what WE want to eat, when WE are actually hungry, full and satisfied.

When you give up dieting you are taking back YOUR VOICE.
Scary thought isnt it?!

Here are some helpful tips when learning to listen to you again…

Make sure you eat when you are hungry! – sounds obvious right?
– but honestly think about when you eat – is it because its a meal time so you are expected to eat? or maybe it’s one of the following…
You are upset so you have a treat – something to eat
You are celebreating – so have something to eat
You are happy – so have something to eat
You are in love and so you share – something to eat
You are frusted and need confort – so you eat (think of that supposedly comforting chocolate that you ‘deserve’ after a bad day at work?!)

The list goes on….

I know it’s hard at first- you have been following the ‘Rules’ for years, the ‘Advice’ of society, the lists of ‘legal foods’ – but give it a go! I promise you it is nice!!

Stupid things in magazines , on the TV and internet like this…


Why are you following their voice? what about yours? Not to sound boring but ‘back in the olden times’ (!) there weren’t as many weight problems yet they did not follow rules like that. They simply listened to their bodies and exercised in a healthy way (you don’t have to go to a gym) and didn’t become addicted to the ‘junk’ and fast food diet.

When breaking free from a diet you must make sure you stop when you are full.
I know this is easier said than done – You are eating your delicious chocolate bar/cake/ice cream/ pizza etc and you feel full (satisfied and not uncomfortably full) – but ‘it tastes sooo good’! you want to keep eating the cake becuase its delicious, but you are full!

What i would advise here is put away your food – NOT in the bin – and tell yourself ‘I can eat this whenever i like – but when i am hungry again‘. This means you are not following a ‘diet’ – you are simply listening to YOUR BODY – YOUR VOICE.
It is telling you it has had enough, but because the food is delicious and the taste makes you want more by allowing yourself to have it again whenever you are hungry is not following a ‘diet’ – you don’t feel restricted or controlled by what someone (ie society) has told you must not eat.

Also have a think – does your favourite food taste better when you are actually hungry or when you are full? Have a test and notice the difference in taste.