Happy to gain weight!

I am so happy – i weighed myself yesterday for first time since i started my weight gaining/healthy eating/gluten free diet which was back in April- when i saw the nutritionist.

I have gained 8KG (about 17lbs)!!!!!

I am so happy as this has not been all fat, it has been muscle as well.

  • I have not eaten any ‘junk’ food or processed ‘rubbish’ (sorry but it is!) .
  • I have been to the gym EVERYDAY (well nearly, excluding illness and photoshoots/catwalk shows). Sometimes twice – once for cardio and again later for strength training.
  • I have increased portion sizes, I decreased my cardio for one month (its now normal again), and increased healthy fats – eg, avocados, salmon, all nuts, organic nut butter, seeds.
  • Gluten and wheat free products are also higher in calories and fat anyway (eg. a lice of bread has twice the amount of fat and sugar compared to standard slice of bread, like Hovis or Kingsmill).

Now for my next challenge….finding the balance!

i have been eating well over what i need each day – which has shown on my body and the scales. So i now i would like to ‘settle’ at this weight which basically means taking each days as it comes– if i start losing weight again i know i need to increase my food. And if i keep gaining weight i will decrease my portion sizes and increase exercise. I will not be going back to any low fat products though- i now know what damage they have done to my body.


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